Lark Princetone Reverb Amp


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Hand wired point-to-point by experienced Canberra amp builder Derek Lark, this is a vintage-spec Princeton Reverb clone built with high quality Weber transformers and other components, vintage cloth wiring, NOS Phillips 6V6 output valves and NOS USA-made rectifier and preamp tubes.  In side the cabinet we find a USA Accutronics Reverb tray, and a Celestion G10 Vintage ’80th Anniversary Special’ speaker. A small design tweak provides adjustable bias via the Intensity control. Footswitch for reverb and tremolo included.  Attractive cosmetics featuring embossed black Tolex, and the blackface control panel with white knobs provides a touch of late 1963 Fender vibe. In summary: a cool looking and great sounding bespoke vintage Princeton Reverb tone machine, at a very nice price.