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Mesa V-Twin Pre-amp Tube Overdrive


This one-owner Mesa V-Twin pedal takes the great overdrive circuit from the pre-amp section of Mesa’s classic Dual Rectifier Amps  and places it conveniently in your signal chain with whatever amp or studio system you’re using. Based around two cascading 12AX7 tubes, the V-Twin will work with power amps, host amps, recording or live sound consoles, and even headphones for silent practice. Solid and virtually amour-plated, this hand-crafted pedal is indestructible in its sturdy metal casing. By cascading the signal in a controllable way through the two 12AX7s (and this unit houses its two original Mesa-branded tubes) you can dial in range of touch-sensitive overdrive tones ranging from slight edginess through to bluesy drive, or on to searing Santana-esque high-gain sustain and beyond. There is also a capacity to adjust clean gain and solo-to-blues channel mix . Comes with a compact power supply unit, and all is functioning perfectly.

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  • Brand: Mesa Engineering
  • Model : V-Twin
  • Serial No: V2-12622
  • Year: 1996
  • Controls: Bass – Middle – Treble – Gain – Presence – Master
  • Outputs: Mixer, Power Amp, Guitar Amp, Phones
  • Power Supply: Power supply unit comes with.
  • Condition: Excellent