Moody GA-40 Amp 1964


Moody GA40     c.1964

Made by R.G ‘Bert’ Moody in Sydney and widely regarded as the outstanding Australian professional guitar amp of the 1960s, this Moody GA40 head and matching 2 x 12 cab sounds as good as it looks.  Two channels, one with Vol, Bass and Treble, the other has same plus Vibrato  speed & intensity and Reverb. Both effects are foot switchable. The reliable 2 x EL-34 powered design delivers 40 watts of hand-wired valve tone.  Recently serviced and fully functional with its original 12” Rola alnico speakers in the closed back cab.  The tolex, grill cloth, controls and the (often missing) chevron badges are all  original and in very good condition.

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  • Brand: Moody
  • Model: GA-40
  • Serial No: 426x
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  • Watts: 40
  • Speaker brand: 2 x Rola 12″ Alnico
  • Speakers original: Yes
  • Made In Year: 1964
  • Weight: Head: 12kg  Cab: 13kg
  • Dimensions:  Head:  60 x 22 x 20cm   Cab:   52 x 73 x 26cm
  • Case/cover: No
  • Issues/Repairs:  Serviced; currently awaiting replacement reverb tray
  • Condition:  Very Good
  • Notes: Spring Reverb tank to be replaced