Moody GA-40 Amp 1965 – Sold


  • Brand: Moody
  • Model: GA-40
  • Serial No. 426-
  • Watts: 40
  • Speaker brand: Plessey 12PO/12PEG
  • Speakers original y/n: Y
  • Made In Year: 1965
  • Weight: Head 10kg, Cab 14kg
  • Dimensions:  Head  60cmW x 20H x 20D;  Cab  74cmW x 50H x 26D
  • Case/cover: No
  • Issues/Repairs: Front knobs and Reverb spring tray are. 1970s replacements.  Cables in place for Reverb and Tremolo foot switches.
  • Condition: Excellent; recently serviced.
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Often referred to as one of the best Australian made guitar amps of the 1960s, here we have an excellent GA-40 amp head, hand wired  in the swinging 60s in Sydney by Robert Moody, with its matching vintage 2 x 12” Plessey Alnico speaker box handling 40 watts of power.

The amp provides two inputs for each of two channels: ‘Normal’ with Volume/Bass/Treble and ‘Vibrato’. Then the same three controls plus foot-switchable Tremolo Speed / Intensity and Reverb (the latter control knob on the back of the chassis).  Two EL34s and a versatile 12AX7 preamp stage with Reverb & Tremolo gives this amp rich and sustaining clean tones with plenty of headroom and a natural overdrive when pushed.  Everything is completely original except the black knobs on the front panel and the reverb tray are NOS replacements.

It’s rare to find a GA-40 in such great shape, with its original tolex and grill cloth on both head and cabinet in excellent condition.  The distinctive ‘Moody’ and ‘chrome chevron’ badges are present and correct. The cab has chrome tilt-back legs.  Recently serviced and safety-checked by Canberra amp guru Mirek Ciolek, this great Aussie piggyback amp is ready to rock for several more decades.