1957 Fender Tremolux Tweed


1957 Fender Tremolux Tweed

This is an amazing 1957 Fender Tremolux amplifier tweed 5E9-A in incredible condition. One of the cleanest tweed amplifiers we have seen.

The only departures from original are a replaced Weber Alnico speaker, an original power transformer rewound to Australian 240v, and electrical work done including recapping, see details below.

The amp still retains an original piece of masking tape signed by Lupe Lopez who was one of the Fender employees who built many tweed amps from 1952 to 1955

The Tremolux tweed is one of Fender’s classic period amps, being among the rarest and most sought-after bigger-box Tweeds today. It was introduced in 1955 alongside with the Vibrolux, the two amps pioneered the company’s first built-in tremolo effect. The initial 5E9 circuit was basically a 5E3 Deluxe with the added on-board effect and a taller cabinet. The 5E9-A moved to a different rectifier and used a 5U4GA valve. Otherwise they were a very similar design.

The larger box also gives a bit more breadth, letting the bass-response develop more, avoiding the boomy flub sometimes associated with the smaller Deluxe cabinets. The tremolo is lush and deep and has an impressively wide range due to the trem circuit modulating the phase inverter bias, effectively making the effect consistent regardless of the volume setting.

This amplifier is in great shape of its age.  A grounded three-prong power cord, removal of line-to-ground capacitor and some resistors, caps and tubes are replaced so the tweed amplifier can run perfectly with no issues. The original lacquered tweed cabinet is in great shape with typical cosmetic wear with original feet.  Overall, a truly great sounding amplifier from Fender’s golden age.

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1957 Fender Tremolux Tweed

  • Brand: Fender
  • Model: Tremolux (big box)
  • Serial Nos: 5E9-A
  • Watts: 18 Watts
  • Speaker brand: Replacement Weber 124125 Alnico
  • Speaker original y/n: N
  • Made In Year: 1957 April (GD)
  • Weight: 16 kilos
  • Dimensions: Height 20 in. (50.8 cm.), 22 in. (55.9 cm.) width, and 10 1/2 in. (26.7 cm.)
  • Case/cover: No
  • Issues/Repairs: None
  • Condition: 9.7 Original
  • Notes: Replaced Weber speaker and rewound original power transformer  to Australian 240V