Sold – Goldentone Soloist 1963


Here we have a Goldentone Soloist valve amp from 1963, in original cream tolex with 15 watts of tube tone.  Two original Rola 8” alnico speakers have matching code markings.  The controls provide Vol – Bass – Treble plus Speed and Depth for the classic Tremolo effect.  The amp is in very good original condition and retains its rare ‘radar’ knobs, enameled Rose Morris badge, leather handle and tremolo footswitch. Apart from a few marks, the cabinet and grill cloth are in good shape.  The top back panel protecting the electronics is a replacement. Recently safety checked and serviced by our amp tech. An increasingly rare example of an attractive and fully functional classic Aussie 1960s valve amp.

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  • Brand: Goldentone
  • Model: Soloist
  • Watts: 15
  • Speaker brand: Rola 8M alnico
  • Speakers original y/n: Y
  • Made In Year: 1963
  • Weight: 7.9kg
  • Dimensions:  50cmW x 40H x 18D
  • Case/cover: No
  • Issues/Repairs: Top back panel is a replacement; all else is original including Tremolo footswitch and cable.
  • (NB This is the non-reverb Soloist version.  The version with Reverb had a taller cabinet as shown in the vintage ad photo.)
  • Condition: Very good++.  Recently serviced.