1952 Fender Esquire


1952 Fender Esquire

Fender  “BlackGuard” is a name that is instantly recognisable to most guitar collectors and enthusiasts. They have become one of the most coveted and collectable vintage instruments around, revered to the extent that there have been books written specifically about the Tele style instruments manufactured by Fender from 1950 to 1954 (see “The Blackguard” by Nacho Banos).

This 1952 Blackguard Esquire is a rare guitar in amazing condition albeit refinished.  It has great playability, and produces amazing sound, and tone from its single flat pole bridge pickup.

This 71 year old weighs 7.32 lbs and has a solid one piece ash body, one-piece maple neck with a super comfortable soft “C” profile,  original frets in excellent condition.

As mentioned earlier this is a refin guitar so there have been some changes from original. The Esquire has had an excellent pro refinish and aged relic job done by an expert.  For specific detail, see under ‘Product Description’

We also believe that at some point it went back to Fender factory, around 1964 possibly. The body has had a front pickup route repair done and there are a few signs pointing to that particular timeframe. The volume pot is a newer 1964 dated one, the previous decal was a 1964 Fender Esquire one, now replaced with a Fender 1952 original decal by Frank Grubisa (highly respected Australian luthier)

Everything else is original to this guitar. But the best thing about it is, beside the Blackguard mystique, is that it plays and sounds simply fantastic.

Includes 1952 brown tolex USA case in average condition


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1952 Fender Esquire

  • Brand: Fender
  • Model: Esquire
  • Serial No: 3055
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose
  • Finish: Very professional old refin, possibly done by Fender in 1964 from our reckoning.
  • Original Parts:  Black dot position markers, single “butterfly” string tree, four-bolt neck plate with no serial number, original single-coil, flat pole-piece pickup with an output of 7.5k, single-layer black bakelite pick-guard with five replaced screws, original tone pot, wiring is partially original (see notes on possible Fender Factory refinish c1964), 3 way switch with black plastic barrel tip, original ashtray bridge cover included.
  • Made In Year: 1952
  • Body Material: Ash one piece body
  • Neck/Fret board: Maple, Neck Date: 23 April 52
  • Radius: 7.25′
  • Weight: 7.32Lbs
  • Scale Length: 24.5″
  • Nut Width: 1.650″
  • Neck Profile: Large C
  • Case: Includes 1952 brown tolex USA case in average but workable condition
  • Issues/Repairs: Non original parts that we have identified include: Kluson Deluxe tuners date to 1956 & feature Phillips head screws, Tuner ferrules – feint marks of originals still present on face of headstock, 2 x 1954 replacement control knobs (these are original, but not to this guitar), pickguard screws x 5, bridge screws x 4, Saddle screws have been replaced at some point, and replaced newer headstock Decal.
  • Fender Factory Refinish Theory: We believe this guitar may have been returned to the Fender Factory for refurbishment work in C1964. The reasoning for this is that prior to the current period correct and original 1952 NOS Decal replacement, the guitar had a 1964 Fender Esquire decal, it also was wired using 1964 Esquire wiring using a 1964 volume potentiometer. During this time a major repair was undertaken to fix a neck pickup route and the tuners were replaced with original (possibly stock) 1956 Kluson Deluxe Tuners.