Goldentone ‘Little Giant;’ suitcase amp 1967


In the period from 1961 to 1973, Rose, Morris & Co in Melbourne were Australia’s largest amp maker.  The smallest Goldentone amp in their 1965 catalogue was this Model 1751 ‘Little Giant’ 6watt combo suitcase amp, housed in a fibreboard cabinet with sloping baffle.   The top mounted amp circuit, based around one 6GW8 power tube provides smooth Class A tone  via two controls: volume and tone, into a ‘Heavy Duty’ Rola 8-H 8” speaker on a plywood baffle: simple and toneful.  All electronics and speaker are original, except we  recently installed a NOS 6GW8 tube for peak performance, and grill cloth is newer. One section of the fibreboard ‘grey tartan’ fiinish on the top has been touched up.  Sounds very good:  clean up to 7 on the Volume dial, and thereafter loud enough to disturb the neighbours.

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  • Brand:  Goldentone
  • Model:  1751 ‘Little Giant’
  • Year:  1967
  • Watts: 6
  • Tube: 6GW8
  • Inputs: Two
  • Controls:  Volume, Tone
  • Speaker: Rola 8H00
  • Cabinet:  Fibreboard made by Everlite Co.
  • Supply:  240v
  • Size:   39 x 33 x 15cm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg