1982 Maxon Ue300 Vintage Pedal MIJ

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1982 Maxon Ue300

One of the very first multi FX pedal units. The Maxon/Ibanez UE-300. Made in japan. Serial number 100337. All analog effects. This unit was made in 1982. It has stereo outputs. An FX loop and most of all an original 1982 ts9 tube screamer.

With that you also get an original CS9 chorus and CP9 compressor. All housed in one compact unit. Sturdy construction. Japanese 1980s hi quality engineering. This UE-300 runs 7 x JRC 558d chips with serial number 2283 – confirming a 1982 build. The CS chorus has 4 x JRC 4558d chips.

The TS9 tube screamer has 2 x JRC 4558d chips. The cp9 compressor has 1 x JRC 4558d chip.No scratchy pots or dodgy sockets or faulty switches. Everything works as it should and sounds fantastic! Runs on 100v. A brand new compact 240v step down transformer is included in the purchase.

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1982 Maxon Ue300

  • Brand: Maxon
  • Model: UE-300
  • Serial No: 100337
  • Made In Year: 1982
  • Issues/Repairs: Nil
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Notes: Japanese voltage but comes with transformer